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Just like using creative and fun ways to encourage the pre-school kids to speak up their first English words, it works almost the same way with mass courses for big corporations: encouraging conversation skills and strengthening the vocabulary through various topics.

We strongly believe that proper and fluent communication among employees within international companies is an excellent basis for achieving a business goal.

We help you communicate.




Our team has been successfully dealing with all kinds of groups, levels and special requests by clients for thirteen years now. From mass courses in some of the leading companies to small groups of individuals, our method has always been exactly the same: communication in real English / less theory and more practice / individual approach. Do your best and give it a try but you will never beat some of our former clients with all kinds of specific demands. We are proud of our team's flexibility and high level of expertise as well as its proven ability to adapt to all circumstances.


Our unique teaching method through the cutting edge British programmes ensures its high quality through our reliable partners and regular monitoring. Our Studio is on the list of the schools approved by British Council Belgrade for international examinations at this renowned institution. Of course, we proudly remain Oxford Centar Belgrade's representatives for the Smederevo area.                                              Every adult attendant can expect to get what he or she is after - be it brushing the grammar, gaining business communication skills or just boosting the vocabulary on various topics. Even better - all of it!!!

Now only

40 EUR pp per month

  • Focus on communication skills

  • Regular testing and reports

  • Work in small groups

  • Supervised by Oxford Center Belgrade

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